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E-Wakili Tanzania: A Petition & Advocates System

The legal system in Tanzania has undergone a significant transformation with the introduction of eWakili Tanzania. It is an online platform that offers a range of services aimed at modernizing and streamlining the judicial system. In this post, we will take you through what eWakili is and how it functions within the Tanzanian Judiciary. We will also discuss the process of becoming an advocate, the financial obligations that come with it, and how to apply for admission as an advocate on the platform. Additionally, we will explore how eWakili has impacted the advocacy system in Tanzania and why it is important to know your advocate before hiring them, considering the laws of Tanzania. Whether you’re a practicing lawyer or someone looking for legal representation, this post will provide valuable insights into Tanzania’s evolving legal landscape.

E-Wakili Tanzania stands as a cornerstone in the Tanzanian legal framework, providing an efficient and transparent system for legal professionals and aspiring advocates. This platform not only simplifies the process of becoming an advocate but also enhances the public’s understanding of the legal profession.

e-Wakili Tanzania

Understanding eWakili Tanzania

eWakili Tanzania is a web application used extensively by the Judiciary of Tanzania. It serves as a central repository for managing applications for admission as advocates, renewals, and other legal processes. Only judicial staff and advocates with proper credentials can access this secure platform.

Access and Use of eWakili

The platform provides public access to verify the status and history of advocates through a simple search by name or roll number. This transparency is crucial for maintaining trust in the legal system.


Step-by-Step e-Wakili Login Process

Accessing e-Wakili

  1. Visit the Website: To begin, navigate to the e-Wakili website at e-Wakili. This is your portal to the online legal world of Tanzania.

Step-by-Step e-Wakili Login

Signing In

  1. Email and Password: On the sign-in page, enter your registered email address and password. These credentials are your key to accessing the platform.
  2. Remember Me: There’s an option to ‘Remember Me’ for easier access during future visits.
  3. Forgot Password: In case you forget your password, there’s a ‘Forgot Password?’ link to reset it.

Finalizing Your Login

  1. Sign In: After entering your details, click ‘Sign In’ to access your e-Wakili dashboard.

Contact and Support

In case of any queries or assistance, you can reach out to the High Court of Tanzania via phone at +255739303038 or email at [email protected]. Their physical address is at Kivukoni Road, P.O.Box 9004, Dar es Salaam.

In summary, eWakili Tanzania is a vital tool for legal professionals in Tanzania, streamlining the process of becoming an advocate and enhancing transparency in the legal system. Whether you are an aspiring advocate or a citizen seeking legal information, eWakili Tanzania provides a reliable and secure platform for all your legal needs, including access to the laws of Tanzania.

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The Process of Becoming an Advocate

Qualifying Process for Advocacy in Tanzania

The journey to becoming an advocate in Tanzania is governed by the Advocates Act and the Law School of Tanzania Act of 2007. The process involves a series of steps including internships, petitions, interviews, and an admission ceremony.

Differences in Processes for Graduates Before and After 2007

There’s a distinction in the qualifying process for candidates who completed their law degrees before and after 2007, mainly due to the Law School Act enacted in 2007.

Necessary Documents for Advocacy

Aspiring advocates are required to submit various documents including academic transcripts, certificates, and a certificate of character.

Financial Obligations of an Advocate

Fee Structure for East African Citizens and Non-East African Citizens

The Advocates Act prescribes a fee of twenty thousand shillings for East African citizens and one hundred US Dollars for non-East African citizens for the entry of their name in the Roll of Advocates.

Payment Procedure for Practicing Certificate

Every advocate must pay a fee for their practicing certificate as stipulated in Part VI of the Advocates Act.

Applying to Become an Advocate

Requirements for Admission as an Advocate

Applicants must fulfill various criteria outlined in section 8 of the Advocates Act, including holding a law degree or a Postgraduate Diploma in Legal Practice from the Law School of Tanzania.

Special Permission for Non-Tanzanian Practitioners

Non-Tanzanian practitioners can apply for special permission from the Chief Justice to practice in specific cases.

Application Timeline for Petition for Admission

Mid-Year and End-Year Applications

Applications for petition for admission as an advocate are accepted twice a year, at mid-year and end-year.

Knowing the Advocate

Searching for Advocates on eWakili

The public can easily search for advocates on eWakili by name or roll number to know their status and history.

Criteria for a Practicing Advocate

eWakili categorizes advocates as practicing, non-practicing, deceased, struck off, deferred, suspended, and not for profit practicing members.

How has eWakili Impacted the Advocacy System in Tanzania?

eWakili has revolutionized the Tanzanian advocacy system by streamlining the application process for aspiring advocates and enhancing the public’s ability to verify the credentials of legal professionals. This system has made the legal landscape more accessible and transparent, contributing significantly to the integrity and efficiency of legal practices in Tanzania, Africa.

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In conclusion, eWakili Tanzania has revolutionized the advocacy system in the country. It provides a seamless platform for advocates to access and use legal services, streamlining the process of becoming an advocate, and enhancing transparency in the financial obligations of practitioners. With eWakili, aspiring advocates can navigate the qualifying process and submit the necessary documents more efficiently. The platform also allows users to search for practicing advocates based on specific criteria, ensuring a reliable and trustworthy network of legal professionals. Overall, eWakili has greatly improved access to Human Rights, justice and the efficiency of the Tanzanian judiciary. Whether you are a law student or a practicing advocate, eWakili Tanzania is an essential tool for navigating the legal landscape.

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