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We are an online service that focus on what's best for your needs and what's best for you!

We have Msomi Books website, a service that allows you to upload books (pdf) online and distribute them completely free of charge. We also have Msomi Maktaba website which is a website that allows you to read notes online for free. Our pastpapers directory is an online public directory for accessing past-papers in pdf documents format. Msomi Maktaba whatsapp groups allow you to get more materials from students and teachers from various places.


Msomi Maktaba is available through two main websites, Msomi Books and Msomi Maktaba Notes & Past papers website. The difference between the two is that MsomiBooks is an ebook sharing website for everyone to upload and share documents for free, while Msomi Maktaba Notes website is a blog-like website where you can only read, share and download notes and other documents/articles for free.

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