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TCU multiple selection 2022/2023 | TCU multiple selected applicants

TCU multiple selection 2023 is the list of applicants who have been accepted with more than one University or college 2023/2024 academic year (waombaji waliodahiliwa zaidi ya Chuo Kimoja au Programu zaidi ya moja). Applicants with multiple selections/admission are required to confirm their admission to only one university. For more details about confirming your admission, you can check this article: How to confirm admission for multiple selected applicants 2023/2024 for all universities.

Choosing which college to attend may be a huge decision one that affects the sorts of unique opportunities and challenges you’ll face and, ultimately, the remainder of your life. Knowing that TCU decided to give students the opportunity to apply for more than one college which not only gave applicants a greater chance of being selected, but also allowed them to evaluate some choices before choosing where to go.


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TCU Multiple selection – multiple selected applicants

TCU Multiple selection – multiple selected applicants

It is well understood that Since 2017, application and admission process required an applicant to apply directly through respective institution of one’s choice. Prospective applicants were required to lodge their applications to institutions of their preference and all admission procedures were accomplished by the institution and announcements of successful applicants were done by the respective institution. Though, the newly introduced TCU admission procedure has led to the emerging of the applicants who have been selected with more than one University (Applicants with Multiple selection).

Therefore, TCU have been responsible to analyze the names of applicants who have applied to all colleges in Tanzania to specify the names of all candidates who have been admitted to more than one college (multiple selected applicants).

How to Check TCU Multiple selection list 2023/2024 – TCU multiple selected applicants 2023/2024

As soon as the application window is closed, all universities and colleges submit the list of selected applicants for 2023/2024 academic year to the Tanzania Commission for Universities (TCU) for approval. Then TCU releases the List of Applicants with Multiple admission 2023/2024 (multiple selection TCU) to the public through its official website:


Therefore, all the candidates / applicants who applied for admission in 2023/2024 academic year will be able to know whether they have multiple or single admission through the TCU special link, the list of applicants with multiple admissions will also be sent to the institutions for official release on their websites. To check undergraduate multiple selection, Candidates applied for admission in 2023/2024 can simply follow the links below;

Download pdf TCU multiple selected applicants 2023/2024

The list of Applicants with multiple admission can also check also be found on the universities or colleges website, below are Lists of applicants with multiple admission 2023/2024 for all universities and colleges in Tanzania, check on the links for details.


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