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 Friendly letters 


Use to express your thought and feelings to get something done both the content and the form of a letter say something for you and about you.

     The content is what you write in a letter, form is how it look There are two main kinds of letter o   Personal /friendly letter and o   Business/ official letters


Personal /friendly letters must have the following. 

  1. The letter must have a date
  2. An address of whom you send the letter is unimportant.
  3. We start the letters with, Dear mother, Dear father, Dear friend, Hello Jack, Hi Marry ect 4. You can start the letter the way you feel No rules!
  4. You can put in the letter as many topics as you wish
  5. You can more from one topic to the other.
  6. You can make jokes, write funny things, ask questions, give short stories.
  7. The ending can be; bye bye, please write, take care, your love, lots of love, your friend




P. O. BOX 9074


12TH FEB,2015

Dear Queen,

          Many thanks for your letter. You certainly deserved, this result as I know you walked very hard.

          I have been waiting so eagerly for the results of the examinations I did too. I must admit that I have not done half the things I planned to do during this holiday.

          However, I have been doing a lot of revision. I have read two books of Geography and novels.

          I will certainly let you know my examination result as soon as possible

Your sincerely/love




Rearrange the Sentence and write the letter correctly

  1. But I’m now fit
  2. Will you go home during holidays
  3. Our school closest next month  
  4. Hallow Upendo  
  5. Your friend  
  6. I hope your enjoy lessons  (vii)  When are you closing school?
  7. Please write to me soon
  8. I had Maralia  
  9. How is school
  10. Jackline  



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