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Advance Mathematics Quiz – 1

Advance Mathematics Quiz – 1

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a) Use the statistical function of your non-programmable scientific calculator to find correct to two decimal places the

     i) mean

     ii) variance

    iii) standard deviation, from the frequency distribution table below: 





b) Of 100 people who voted in the 2010 elections 5 have voted for all three parties, 10 for CUF and CHADEMA, 15 for CCM and CHADEMA and 7 for CUF and CCM. 10 have voted for CHADEMA only and equal numbers have voted for CCM only and for CUF only. Use a Venn diagram to find how many have voted for:-

       i. CHADEMA or CUF but not CCM

       ii. CCM and CHADEMA but not CUF

      iii. CUF altogether

      iv. Just one party

      v. At most two parties 





b)  (i) Test the validity of the following argument by using the properties of logic: “If Tanzania is a democratic country, then all leaders are obtained through fair elections. Leaders are obtained through unfair election in Tanzania. Therefore Tanzania is not a democratic country” 








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