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What is your opinion? 

Do you like city life or rural life?

There are some people who want to go to live in towns. They think that life is cheap and simple there. They think they can buy cars, houses, good clothes etc.          

    Giving opinions can be easily expressed during debates

Example: Motions

  1. Boarding schools provide better education than day school
  2. Co- education school are better than single sex school
  3. Special ability schools are not special in rolling students  
  4. Students failure in examination is due to poor teaching.

 Look at the following ways in which we can express opinions in English

  1. Asking for opinion





  1. expressing an opinion


In my opinion,school rules are a waste of time





  1. supporting opinion


  1. opposing an opinion


  1. Expression doubt 


  Chief proposer and opposes, audience, guest, speaker, secretary  

Vocabulary :

Suggest, view, evaluate, propose, against, think, argue, advise, disagree, equally, feeling can be expressed.



I feel hungry

You are happy 


Expressing state of health  




Are you sick ? 

What are you suffering from? 

Yesterday  I had a headache  




Write conversations between a doctor and patient 

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