Form four Mock Examination







Time : 3 Hours                                                                                                   Wednesday, 15th July 2020 p.m


  1. This paper consists of Sections A, B and C with a total of nine (9) questions.
  2. Answer all Questions in section A and B and three (3) Questions from Section C.
  3. Cellular phones and any unauthorized materials are not allowed in the examination room
  4. All drawings Should be in Pencil.
  5. Write your Examination number on every page of your answer sheet.


SECTION A (20  Marks)


Answer all the questions in this section


  1. For each of the following items (i) – (xv) choose the correct answer from among the given alternatives and

write its letter beside the item number in the answer sheet provided;


  • Who among the following was the first systematic tool maker and had a bigger brain than that of Zinjathropus?

A  Homo Habilis           B  Homo Sapiens

C   Homo Erectus         C  Black Smith

  • The United Nations Specialized agency responsible for human Settlement is the; –

A  UNIHCR                     B   UNEP

C  UNDP                         D  HABITAT

  • What took place in Europe between 1750’s and 1850’s; –

A  Industrial Revolution        B  Mercantile Capitalism

C  Monopoly Capitalism       C Scramble for Africa

  • Which of the following Sectors of colonial economy favored Europeans and Asians in Africa during

colonial Period; –

A  Education, Health, water, housing and roads

B  Agriculture, Mining, Financial institutions, Transport and commerce.

C  Agriculture, Electricity, Health and Banks

D  Harbors, Banks, Industry and Trade.

  • The Theory of Evolution was proposed by

A  Lois Leakey                 B Car Peters

C  Charles Darwin           D  Donald Cameroon

  • What are the major types of oral Tradition

A   Museum and Achieves                                  B  Poems and Proverbs

C  Historical sites and narration of events      D  Cultural Practices and narration of events.

  • The International organization undermined by Hitler was called; –

A  United Nation organization          B  Non – Aligned Movement

C  International Court of Justice.     D  League of Nations

  • The Social Challenges facing people in Africa Include; –

A  Political Instability and tribalism    B  Colonialism and illiteracy

C  Illiteracy and diseases                     D  Corruption and rule of law


  • The Helgoland Island was Added to German during the; –

A  1886 Anglo- German Agreement       B  1890 Anglo- German Agreement

C  1822 Moresby treat                              D  The Camp of David accords

  • The Current President of the United Republic of Tanzania is called; –

A  Jakaya Mrisho  Kikwete         B  John Pombe Joseph Magufuli

C  Julius Kambarage Nyerere    D   Benjamin Wilium Mkapa

  • The following are the methods of fixing dates except; –

A  Events      B  Chemical dating     C  Geological period      D  Time graph

  • The Process whereby man started to walk by using two limbs is; –

A  Neolithic       B  Neo – Colonialism      C  Bi- pedalism     D  Biodiversity

  • The Acheulian tools were made and used by; –

A  Homo Erectus    B Homo Sapiens     C  Homo Habilis       D  Zinjathropus

  • The groups which were formed by Africans who were formed by Africans, who were working in different sectors of colonial economy were; –

A  Independent churches      B   Social and Welfare association

C  Political parties                  D   National Movements.

  • The Economic Integration that was formed in Western parties of Africa to solve the economic challenges is; –

A  ECOWAS             B   SADEC             C    COMESA            D   COMMON WEALTH


  1. Match the descriptions in List A with the Corresponding Items in List B by Writing the letter of the correct

response beside the item number in the answer sheet provided.


List A List B
(i) 1487

(ii) 1492

(iii) 1652

(iv) 1789

(v) 1917

A   Jan Van Riebeek Established a Dutch post at the Cape.

B   Barthlomew Diaz passes the Cape of Good Hope.

C   Rusian Political Revolution

D   Christopher Columbus discovers the Sea route to America.

E   French Political Revolution .


SECTION B (35 Marks)

Answer all the questions in this section


  1. Answer the following Questions briefly:
  • Why Pre Colonial education was important among Africans.
  • Explain how Africans were assimilated Under French Administration in Africa.
  • How Historical Sites are beneficiaries to new generation of Tanzania.
  • Demonstrate the cycle of the Great Economic crisis of 1929 – 1933.
  • Identify four (4) roles of Agents of industrial Capitalism
  1. Arrange the following Historical events in chronological order by writing number 1 to 5 beside the

item numbers in the answer sheet provided; –

  • The Imperialistic Nations There after realized that the Crisis was due to lack of international organization to settle disputes hence league of Nations was formed.
  • World war one affected the world badly in all spheres of life, Socially, economically and Politically.
  • The Development of European economy from industrial capitalism to Monopoly created the chance of European expansionism.
  • The increase of Rivalry accelerated to the occurrence of the first word war of 1910’s.
  • The Process of extending Border within and outside Europe led to rivalry among European Nations
  1. Draw a sketch Map of Africa and locate by using Capital letters.

A  The Suez Canal Which British and French competed for in North Africa.

B  The Country Which Kipande System was used during the Colonial economy.

C  The Place where Slave marked the end in 1873

D  The country which did not allow colonialist to rule them and became the head of OAU.

E  The Headquarter of Tanzania.


Answer Three Questions from this Section

  1. Explain Why some areas in Africa Experienced Intensive Competition during colonial Period

than others.

  1. Elaborate the internal factors for the rise of mass nationalism in Africa by 1950’s
  2. Discus the Factors that led to changes in economic development policies soon after independence.
  3. Elaborate six factors that contributed to the occurrence of Mfecane war during the 19th Century.


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