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NECTA/TAMISEMI Form One Selection 2024

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The Form One Selection 2024 is an important event for all students who have completed their primary education in Tanzania. It marks the beginning of a new chapter in their academic journey as they transition to secondary school. In this blog, we will provide you with all the information you need about the Form One Selection 2024. We will discuss the importance of the selection process, the role of NECTA and TAMISEMI in it, and how to access the Form One Selection 2024 List. We will also guide you on how to interpret the selection list and understand its structure. Additionally, we’ll give you an overview of Tanzania’s education system, including primary school education and the transition to secondary school. Lastly, we will help you prepare for secondary school and explain how schools receive selected students. Join us as we explore everything related to Form One Selection 2024!

When form form one selection 2024 will be Anounced?

The selection for Form One for the year 2024 has already been released. Today, Sunday, December 17, 2023, the Minister of the President’s Office, Regional Administration and Local Government (Tamisemi), Mohamed Mchengerwa, announced the selection. Here is his statement:

“Out of the 1,092,984 students selected to join Form One in both boarding and day government schools in 2024, 3,587 are students with special needs. This information was released today in Mwanza.

The number of students who passed to join Form One in January 2024 has increased by 16,947, which is a 1.57 percent increase compared to the 1,076,037 students who scored the marks enabling them to join Form One in 2023.

Mchengerwa stated that every candidate who took the primary school leaving examination in 2023 and scored a total of between 121 to 300 marks has been selected and assigned to a Government Secondary School. He also indicated that no successful student has been left without a secondary school placement.”


Meaning of Waliochaguliwa kidato cha kwanza

The term “Waliochaguliwa kidato cha kwanza 2024″ denotes the names of students chosen for form one placement. It signifies the publication of the form one selection results. The regional administration and office of TAMISEMI play a crucial role in this process, ensuring transparency and fairness. The available link announcement for the NECTA form in November and December contributes to the accessibility of the results.

Download Form One Selection

Accessing the Form One Selection 2024 List

Access the Form One Selection 2024 PDF list through official websites, providing details of the school placement process. The available link announcement for regional administration office of TAMISEMI and NECTA form can be found from November to December. Alternatively, you can access the list via WhatsApp or Telegram for Matokeo and Majina.

Steps to Get the Form One Selection 2024 PDF List

To obtain the form one selection 2024 PDF list, visit the official TAMISEMI website and navigate to the announcements tab for download. The list is available through the announcement section on the website menu. or

Form one Selection 2024 :Candidate can check Form one  selected candidate PDF file from TAMISEMI,  website. The Form one Selection list and second/waiting list will be out in region-wise PDF file, which will be then divided into district wise; rural/urban wise in which it will be again distributed in open Secondary Schools. Students and Parents are advised to keep in touch with this page and nearest for updates regarding Form one Selection 2024 Results.

Check Form one Selection 



Form one Selection 2024 BY MKOA/ MIKOA / REGION

ARUSHA Form one Selection 2024

DAR ES SALAAM Form one Selection 2024

DODOMA Form one Selection 2024

IRINGA Form one Selection 2024

KAGERA Form one Selection 2024

KIGOMA Form one Selection 2024

KILIMANJARO Form one Selection 2024

LINDI Form one Selection 2024

MARA Form one Selection 2024

MBEYA Form one Selection 2024

MOROGORO Form one Selection 2024

MTWARA Form one Selection 2024

MWANZA Form one Selection 2024

PWANI Form one Selection 2024   Check here

RUKWA Form one Selection 2024

RUVUMA Form one Selection 2024

SHINYANGA Form one Selection 2024

SINGIDA Form one Selection 2024

TABORA Form one Selection 2024

TANGA Form one Selection 2024

MANYARA Form one Selection 2024

GEITA Form one Selection 2024

KATAVI Form one Selection 2024

NJOMBE Form one Selection 2024

SIMIYU Form one Selection 2024

SONGWE Form one Selection 2024


Alternatively visit the official President’s Office, Regional Administration and Local Government – TAMISEMI website Or Specific region/district website or you can visit TAMISEMI Official Blog to check their form one seletion results updates and news

Tanzanian Education System Overview

Tanzania’s education system consists of primary and secondary education overseen by the national examinations council. It prepares students for ordinary level and advanced level studies, managed by the president’s office. Secondary education includes open secondary schools and dormitory schools, contributing to a comprehensive learning environment.

Brief on Primary School Education in Tanzania

Primary education in Tanzania spans seven years, with the Ministry of Education supplying school materials. The form for secondary school selection becomes available during primary school, and the official PSLE results are released on regional council websites. Following primary school, students transition to secondary education, shaping their academic journey.

Transition from Primary to Secondary School

The process of transitioning from primary to secondary school is initiated by the selection process, which determines the placement of students. This process involves the release of form one selection results, marking the beginning of a new chapter in secondary education. Eligibility for secondary education is based on the results of national exams, and the customer service unit’s telephone number is available for inquiries.

What Next After Form One Selection?

After the form one selection process, selected students move on to the next phase of their education. Secondary schools open their doors to welcome these students and mark the beginning of the academic year. Guardians and students receive details about the selection via SMS. Preparing for boarding schools becomes crucial as the respective schools provide dormitory accommodation.


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