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Overview of UNEB PLE results 2023 and How to Access Them

The 2023 Primary Leaving Examination (PLE) results in Uganda have been a subject of much interest and analysis, highlighting both achievements and challenges in the education sector. This blog post delves into the key aspects of these results and provides a simple guide on how to access the PLE results via online and mobile phone.


Key Highlights of the 2023 PLE Results

The Uganda National Examinations Board (UNEB), led by Executive Director Dan Odongo, released the 2023 PLE results, revealing some intriguing trends:

  • Total Registration: A total of 749,254 candidates registered for the PLE at 15,859 centres, showing a decrease from 832,654 in 2022.
  • UPE vs Non-UPE: Of these, 501,602 were Universal Primary Education (UPE) beneficiaries, while 247,652 were non-UPE candidates.
  • Improved Performance: There was an overall improvement in performance, with a higher proportion of candidates passing in Division Three and above.
  • Concerning Aspects: A significant number of students (88,269) were in Division U, indicating a potential risk of increased school dropouts.

UNEB releases 2023 PLE results, performance drops in all subjects

Subject-Wise Analysis and Gender Disparity

  • Subjects: Improved performance was noted in English, Integrated Science, and Mathematics, while Social Studies (SST) remained consistent with the previous year.
  • Gender Disparity: Male candidates generally outperformed female candidates, highlighting the need for gender-targeted educational interventions.

Future Prospects

The Education Minister announced the implementation of a full primary school curriculum and a revised O’Level curriculum after 2024, indicating progressive educational reforms in Uganda.


How to Check 2023 PLE Results on Phone

Accessing the PLE results is straightforward:

  1. For Individuals:
    • Type PLE <space> INDEX NUMBER in your message box.
    • Send it to 6600.
    • Example: For index number 654321/001, type PLE 654321/001 and send to 6600.
    • An SMS costs Shs500 per candidate.
  2. For School Administrations:
    • UNEB officials have ensured that results will be uploaded on the examination center portals.
    • Schools can download the results as they are officially released.

Check here UNEB PLE results 2023/2024.


The 2023 PLE results offer a comprehensive view of Uganda’s educational landscape, highlighting areas of success and those needing attention. The ease of accessing these results via phone is a testament to Uganda’s commitment to integrating technology in education. As stakeholders reflect on these results, the focus remains on enhancing quality education and addressing the challenges for a brighter future for Uganda’s students.

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