English Language Study Notes Form 6 English Language Notes



1(a) (i) Genre: is a category literature that has specific characteristics which distinguish it from

Other categories. Example of literary genres are novels, short stories, poetry, drama e.t,c

(ii) Humour : is a funny use of language that amuses readers, sometime causing laughter

(iii) Style: The manner of expression of a writer, produced by choice of words, grammatical

Structures, use of literary devices, and all the possible part of language use.

(iv) Blurb: is a brief description given by the publisher about the book and it is often found

On the back cover.

(v) Jargon: Refer to the area of specialization in which a language is put into use.i.e

Scientist,lang e.t.c

(b) (i) Imagery :Refer to use of figurative language to produce pictures in the minds of readers

Or hearers While

Symbolism: Refer to sign or sometime thet stands or suggest something else by arbitrary


(ii) Plot :is a series of event that make up a story.


Setting: Refer to the areas where event are taking place.

(iii)Poem: is a literary work that is written in verse


Rhyme: is the repetition of the same sounds at the end of more than one verse

(iv)Rhyme: is the repetition of the same sound at the end of more than one verse.


Rhythm: is a pattern of sounds or beats that is created by alternation of stressed and unstressed


(v)Assonance: Repetition of similar vowel sounds in stressed syllables that end with different

Consonant sound.


Alliteration: This is repetition of some sound at the beginning of several successive words that

are closed to each other.

(2 mark each)

2(a)-To educate the society.

-To arose the consciousness and awareness 2 mark each

– To improve language and communication skills

– Is a vehicle of culture

– Literature entertain

(b) As per the markers view,(5) points 2mark each

3.- Play has a strong visual element in the story and image of human nature, reproducing the passions and human humours.

– It express to the audience the immediate and existing experience in the society.

– Play is easily understood

-The play can be performed anywhere

– Tends to entertain by choosing the characters that can catch someone’s interest amuse or hold one’s attention.

-Play is full of actions unlike other genres.


Introduction (2 marks )

Main body 6 points 2 marks @

Conlusion 2 mark


4. Themes the 2ludeut should whow themes relates to



– Gender relation

-Access to education

– Poverty

– Awareness

– Conflicts

– Land alienation

    Introduction 1mark


    Conclusion 1mark

5. Language technique

– Satire

– Symbolism

– Song $dances if any

– Sayings/proverbs

– Similes

– Metaphor

– Imagery

– Code switching if any e.t.c

The student should define first the lang devices in each of his/her paragraph, and valid examples

8 points 2 mark each

Introduction 1 mark

Conclusion 1 mark


6. State leaders can be shadows of the colonial masters due to

– Corruption

– Exploitation

– Pomposity


– Betrayal

– Immorality

– Conflicts e.t.c

    8 points 2 marks@

    Introduction 1mark

    Conclusion 1mark

7. Different themes portrays the contemporary world

– Corruption

– Betrayal

– Conflicts

– Poverty

– Education

– Favouratism

– Gender issues

        8points 2marks@


SECTION C (20 marks)

8. The student should give out the contemporary issues, which are manifested in the poems (4) poems

– Corruption

– Oppression


– Political conflicts

– Human right

-freedom of speech e.t.c

Introduction 2 mark

Main body 16 points 1 mark each

Conclusion 2 mark

9.(a) The mood of the poem it is helplessness (4 mark)

(b) (i)Handcuffs ,manacles, shackles and caged means, on-physical

methods of denying freedom to a person (2 mark)

(ii) wrists, mind and soul means physical methods in denying freedom to a person.(2 mark)

(c) The tone of the poem is desperation (despair) (4 mark)

(d)The main theme – oppression (4 marks)

(e) The poetic device is

Linguistic devices, similes, metaphors and symbolism sound devices, alliteration, assonance, and rhyming. (4 marks)














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