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TIME: 3:00 HOURS FORM FOUR Tuesday, 13thAugust 2019 am





  1. This paper consists of section A,B and C with total of (12) twelve questions
  2. Answer all the questions from section A and B and other three questions from section C
  3. All writings must be in black or blue ink
  4. All communication devices are not allowed in the examination room
  5. Write your examination number on top of every page




  6. The time was 24.00 hours when I realized that I was not going to sleep .I sat up in bed looking for the light switch the tiny Illuminated face of may traveling clock started at me from the beside.


    01.01 Am I scowled at it and pressed the switch nothing happed then I remember that the hotel made its own electricity and that this was turned off at midnight there had been a candlestick, I remembered my hand groped and found it struck a match and lit the candle.

    I scowled at the clock again and then slipped out of bed .I was tired and depressed and I know that I had already reached the state when may failure to sleep was so actively irritating that sleep had became impossibility what was worse, I knew I was in for one the blinding nervous headaches that had devastated me all too often in the last three years.I could feel the warning now, like a tiny electricity wire thrilling behind my eyes,pains with the elusive threat of worse pain come. I sat on the edge of the bed passing my hands hard against may eyes trying to throw the pain away.


    I shivered then flinched and stood up I had to get out of this and quickly the life saving tablets were in my handbag I padded across the room to get it groping vaguely among the grotesque shadow that distorted the corners of the room but it wasn’t or by the bed it was by now a search of despair – under the bed it wasn’t anywhere in the room.


  1. When the author sat up in bed and groped for the light switch it was ,
    1. Late night
    2. Middle of the night
    3. Midnight
    4. Complete day
  2. She saw the time because
    1. Her clock had a luminous face
    2. The light was on
    3. There was enough light in her room
    4. She illuminated the face of her clock with a torch
  3. There was no light now because
    1. The electricity board cut off supplies after midnight
    2. The power strike had begun at midnight
    3. The hotel electricity was switched off at midnight
    4. She had blown a fuse when she first switched the light on
  4. She found the candle stick by
    1. Feeling for it in the dark
    2. Lighting a match to look for it
    3. The illuminated face of her traveling clock
    4. Recollecting it by her bed
  5. She realized that sleeps was impossible because
    1. Her traveling clock would soon ring
    2. She had already reached the stage
    3. Her sleep had been too inactively annoying
    4. She was so upset and irritated by her failure to sleep
  6. She also knew that
    1. She had been to bed because of her headache
    2. She had going to have another severe headache
    3. Her head were making her blind
    4. Her headache had been getting worse in the last three or four years
  7. She knew, she would get another headache because
    1. She was thrilled
    2. She had been wormed by the worst pain to come
    3. The first symptoms were already present
    4. The thrilling treat behind her eyes
  8. As she sat on the edge of bed she through about
    1. The four men who were responsible for the midnight fire
    2. Shooting and the foramen who come from the hotel
    3. Four men of whom one was from the hotel fire on Bladen
    4. The four gentlemen from the hotel one of whom was concerned in the fire on Bladen
  9. ‘Despair’ as used in the passage means that the narrators:
    1. Was likely to find the medicine
    2. Was unlikely to find the medicine
    3. Searched everywhere for the medicine
    4. Still hopes to get the medicine
  10. She searched everywhere for the her handbag because
    1. She didn’t want to die
    2. She wanted to get out the pain – killing tablets
    3. She wanted to save her life
    4. She couldn’t find it anywhere in the room
  1. Match the items in list A with the responses I list B



i.I visited the national park …..my friends

ii.We drew out pictures….. pencil

iii.She wrote an essay…. pen

iv.Finally we walked….- the entrance

v. she was sleeping….. bed

  1. After
  2. On
  3. Against
  4. For
  5. From
  6. Of
  7. Inside
  8. With
  9. By
  10. Through
  11. In




  1. Fill in the blanks with the suitable word
    1. A mass of hair————-
    2. A bundle of hay or straw————
    3. A number of people following a funeral———–
    4. One who collects the bets and plays out to the winner in a gambling clubs is——
  2. Give out the differences between the two words below:
    1. Contentment and satisfaction
    2. Murder and assassinate
    3. House and home
    4. Reverence and veneration
  3. (a) Re- write the following sentences according to instruction given after each
    1. Pili is sick. she is going to work (begin : notwithstanding———)
    2. This book is good. we can use it (join these sentences using:…. such as—-that—)
    3. If I worker hander, I will pass the examination (use impossible condition to join the sentences)
    4. Do you like fish ( re- write into indirect speech)

(b)Use the relative pronouns from the box to answer the following questions (who, that , whom, whom ,which)

  1. Please go and call John —-John a doctor or John a carpenter?
  2. The food ——- we ordered is ready
  3. The guest——-arrived by bus last Sunday is my uncle
  4. The Emirates passengers—– bags were left at the airport of Julius Nyerere flew the next day
  5. You have a birthday party which will be held on 28th November 2019 your parents intend to invite your friend to the party. Write an invitation card with the help of the following information ;
    1. Your first name: Munyahudodi
    2. Your surname: Nyalafu
    3. Time:3:00pm to 6:00 pm
    4. Plece: Nyambimbi hall
    5. Contact :Mrnyalafu 0762-333333
  6. Write an essay about THE CAUSES OF UNEMPLOYMENT. Use about 300 wards
  7. Write a letter to the Editor of citizen newspaper on the of citizen newspaper on the BAD CONDITION OF ROADS IN YOUR VILLAGE USE fictitious name and address




Answer three questions from this section, one question should be selected from poetry and the two from novels and short stories and play



A wreath of Fr Mayer S.N .Ndunguru 1977

Unanswered cries Osman conteh

Passed like a shadow B.M. Mapalala (2006)

Spared S.N. Ndunguru (2004)

Weep not a child NgungiwaThiong’o (1987)

The interview P. Ngungi (2002)



Three suitors one husband O.Mbia (1994)

The lion and the jewel W. Sayinka (1963)

This time tomorrow NgungiwaThiong’o(1972)

The black hermit NgungiwaThiong’o (1968)


Songs of lawino and ocol O.P. Bitk (1979)

Growing up with Poetry D.Rubading (1989)

Summons R. Mabala (1980)

  1. Read the following poem then answer the questions that follow

    How is development,

    To be brought brother

    When the people to whom

    We have entrusted power

    Are corrupt?


    I plead the stomachs of the privileged few

    Greater than the rift valley

    They cannot be satisfied

    With a normal share

    I plead the thirst

    Of the minority

    Greater than that OfSahara

    No pains can satisfy it

    The majority plead



    But brother

    How is development to come?


  1. What is the poem about?
  2. Is the personal happy in this poem? Give reasons
  3. What are the two possible themes in this poem?
  4. Show the relevance of the themes portrayed in this poem to your society
  5. Who is the persona in this poem?
  6. What is the type of the poem?
  7. What is the message that is carried by this poem?
  8. Comment on the language use in this poem?
  9. Poets like other artistconsists have massage to convey to the audience .Discuss this statement using two poems you have read under this program ( give three point each)
  10. With reference to any two novels you have read under this sections, discuss things you think are not good to be practiced by the future generations ( give three points each novel)
  11. Suggest lessons which can be drawn from two plays you have read under this section ( give three lessons from each play)

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