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TaESA Portal: Register & Log In in 5 Easy Steps

As the job market becomes increasingly competitive, it is crucial for job seekers to leverage online platforms to find internship and employment opportunities. One such platform is the Tanzania Employment Services Agency (TaESA) Job Portal. TaESA acts as an interactive bridge between job seekers and employers, both locally and internationally. In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through the process of registering on the TaESA Job Portal, as well as provide insights on how to effectively navigate the platform. So, let’s dive in!


Understanding TaESA Portal

The TaESA portal, an executive agency in Dar es Salaam, provides jobseekers with access to employment opportunities and vocational guidance. Managed by Tanzania’s jobseekers, it supports local labour markets and enhances the quality of employment services. Mandated under the Prime Minister’s Office, it serves as an interactive platform for job search, job vacancies, and labour market information, contributing to effective public service delivery in April.


What is TaESA Portal?

TaESA Portal is an online platform connecting jobseekers with opportunities in Tanzania. It provides employment counseling, internships, and labor market information. This initiative by the Prime Minister’s Office improves employment services by keeping jobseekers informed about vocational guidance and job vacancies. Accessing TaESA Portal allows users to benefit from labor market information and employment services.

How to Register on the TaESA Job Portal

Registering on the TaESA Job Portal is a straightforward process. Follow these steps to create your account:

How to Register on the TaESA Job Portal

  1. Visit the TaESA Job Portal website.
  2. Locate the registration section and click on the “Register” option.
  3. Fill in the required information, including your personal details, contact information, educational qualifications, and employment history.
  4. Create a unique username and password for your account. Ensure that your password is strong and secure.
  5. Agree to the terms and conditions of the portal.
  6. Complete the registration process by clicking on the “Submit” button.

Once your registration is successful, you will receive a confirmation email with further instructions on how to proceed.

Check here to Register on the TaESA


Steps to Login to the TaESA Job Portal

After registering, logging in to the TaESA Job Portal is a straightforward process. Follow these steps to access your account:

Steps to Login to the TaESA Job Portal

  1. Visit the TaESA Job Portal website.
  2. Locate the login section and enter your username and password.
  3. Click on the “Login” button to access your account.

If you forget your password, there is an option to retrieve it by clicking on the “Forgot Password” link. Follow the instructions provided to reset your password and regain access to your account.

Check here to login on the TaESA


Exploring Job and Internship Opportunities on the TaESA Portal

Once logged in to the TaESA Job Portal, you can explore a wide range of job and internship opportunities. The portal offers a user-friendly interface that allows you to search and filter vacancies based on your preferences. Here’s how you can effectively navigate the platform:

  1. Job Search: Utilize the search bar to find specific job titles or keywords related to your desired field. You can also filter results by location, industry, and job type.
  2. Save Job Searches: Save your preferred job searches to easily access them in the future. This feature helps you stay updated on new opportunities that match your criteria.
  3. Apply for Jobs: When you find a suitable job opening, click on the “Apply” button to submit your application. Follow the instructions provided by the employer, which may include uploading your resume, cover letter, and other required documents.
  4. Internship Opportunities: TaESA Job Portal also provides internship opportunities for individuals looking to gain practical experience. Keep an eye out for internships relevant to your field of interest and apply accordingly.

Accessing Job Search Training and Resources

TaESA offers job search training workshops to enhance your competitiveness in the labor market. These workshops provide valuable insights and guidance on various aspects of the job search process. To access these training resources:

  1. Visit the TaESA Job Portal website.
  2. Navigate to the “Job Search Training” section or look for links within your account dashboard.
  3. Explore the available training materials, which may include videos, articles, and downloadable resources.
  4. Engage with the content and implement the strategies shared to improve your job search skills.

Taking advantage of these training resources can significantly enhance your chances of securing the desired job or internship opportunity.

Career and Vocational Guidance on TaESA Job Portal

TaESA Job Portal offers career and vocational guidance services to help job seekers develop a clear understanding of their skills and career aspirations. These services aim to provide individuals with the necessary guidance to make informed decisions about their professional paths. Here’s how you can access career and vocational guidance on the TaESA Job Portal:

  1. Visit the TaESA Job Portal website.
  2. Look for the “Career and Vocational Guidance” section or specific guidance-related links within your account dashboard.
  3. Explore the available resources, which may include career assessments, industry insights, and guidance on career planning and development.
  4. Engage with the content and utilize the tools provided to gain a deeper understanding of your career options and make informed choices.

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How can You Make the Most of Your TaESA Portal?

Discover the full potential of TaESA Portal for job search and vocational guidance. Optimize your portal usage to maximize employment services and job opportunities. Leverage the platform’s features to enhance your prospects and make the most of job search and vocational guidance.


The TaESA Job Portal is an invaluable resource for job seekers and employers in Tanzania. By registering on the portal, job seekers can gain access to a wide range of employment services, job search training, and career guidance. Employers, on the other hand, can find competent workers, post job vacancies, and access labor market information. By leveraging the TaESA Job Portal, individuals and businesses can enhance their prospects in the job market and contribute to the growth of the Tanzanian economy. So, take the first step towards your dream job or the ideal candidate by registering on the TaESA Job Portal today!

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